The Choreographer

Andrea Jacob was always intrigued with creating new ideas, concepts and music. She comes from a family that sings and plays instruments so wanting to express choreographic skills is imbibed in her. Her first intro to choreography was during her education, school and college where dance competitions were her forte.She had developed a passion for the Latin styles, Cha Cha, Rumba, Salsa, Tango and Jive.

She soon became recognized as a Latin specialist and performed exciting group and duets all over south India, she has even junxtaposed salsa with Tamil music and performed it in at "Chennai Sangamam" a popular folk festival in Chennai.These styles also worked on film stars at stage events in Sri Lanka, Singapore & Malaysia. She even did Salsa snippets for Tamil films such as "Kattaradhu Kalavu"and "Kadhai".

She had even choreographed for reality dance shows on TV, which were shown on south channels like Sun TV and Vijay TV, also did dance based concepts on SS Music, NDTV24/7, NDTV Hindu and Radio. Her choreographic work for live performances span over 10 yrs on different stages, mostly performing Latin, Ballroom, Jive, Free syle, Contemporary & Theatre.

For further ref. please see press/media clippings.

The Theatrical Element

Andrea Jacob adores the performing arts and has delivered some great choreography in the field of theatre. She has collaborated with almost every theatre group in Chennai, 'Magic Lantern, Koothupattarai, Mellow Circle, Little Theatre, Loyola Theatre Society, WCC, Micheal Muthu, Hans Kaushik, Young Nation…' She has choregraphed musicals like Oliver Twist, Sound of Music, Xmas Plays, College plays, Charlie & The Chocolate Factory and even acted in a play for the 'Hindu Metroplus Theatre Festival'called 'Fragments of the Bell Jar'. She has even choreographed for Live Choirs called the MMA, WESLEY CHOIR, & MELLOW CIRCLE and even did a live improvisation with the rock band called Rainbow Bridge. Andrea has also choreographed a musical show for the ex-President of India's grand daughter i.e. Mr.R.Venkataraman grand daughter 'Tara Venkatesh' who sang and danced to western classical tunes and musical hits from My Fair Lady, Lion King,Wicked & Wizard of OZ.

Her USP in Choreography

She loved to work with different groups of people and always created movements that had a little piece of them in it so the attachment to their performance would be real since they felt like some part of them existed in the performance which made the choreography real and alive.

Her age groups of stage performers executing her work has ranged from 5 yrs – 65 or more. she believes in sharing whatever information she has in her creativity as the more she empties herself the more she creates space within herself to learn and acknowledge more, curiosity, creativity and enthusiasm to showcase more!.