Creative Movement Specialist

Her goals were always very clear, she knew her heart belonged on stage, and her mind belonged to teach and share her knowledge with others. She wants to share her skills in the performing arts, creative movement and fitness tools for as long as she lives. She started teaching kids dance since 1999 and loved it instantly as kids gave her the courage to take up this as a full time career and not just a hobby. A child true self helped discover the real child within and that helped her tap her creativity from within. She expanded her base of students to adults 2 yrs later and soon taught at popular gyms, such as fitness one and lot of dance spaces.

She has taught in several prestige schools in Chennai, Mangalore and even in China. To name a few, American international school, Chennai and also in Shenzhen, China, Abacus Montessori, St.Micheals, Lady Andal, Sishya, Church Park, St.Dominics, Rosary Matric etc,.

Her teaching method was to get every student to understand movement and not just teach robotic steps, instead she gave them the right to explain themselves and express their feelings through movement. She has even worked with kids with learning disabilities and managed to include them in her regular class so that they may adapt to normal life by gaining confidence through her approach. This example taught the other kids to also interact and behave in a giving manner and also to understand social, physical and emotional balance amongst each other.

Her new challenge – Creative Movement with very young children

It was only 4 & ½ yrs ago when she was given a challenge to train along with her Isreali counterpart Noga Weiss to create content and experience the idea of teaching movement inspired concepts to motivate young mothers along with their infants to create close bond and increase all round growth in young infants stemming from 6 months babies to 4 yrs. The process was phenomenal as to witness young babies become confident and to see young mothers smile because you have given their child pshysical,mental & emotional growth is very rewarding and motivating.

It was during my experience with young children at Vanilla, Kids Central etc, that I was inspired to create my own creative movement class module called, 'Modern Moves' and 'Drama Babies' which is a specialized workshop highly sought after by all major institutes and throughly enjoyed by the kids.