Andrea Jacob, started her dance career very young, as a child she always wanted to dance on stage and took every opportunity she had by dancing at school, stage events, etc. It was always free style based on music that influenced her, it was during her college days that her interest blossomed into professional ideas and she started an all girls team called 'FleetFoot'. The dance team did well during 1996 – 1999 doing dance shows, theme events & product launches. Soon all the girls went on 2 pursue their careers, that's when Andrea decided to follow her dream and she went solo.

Andrea then decided to freelance with other dancers in order to train and discipline herself as a strong dancer.

Andrea freelanced with a couple of re-known dance companies in Chennai,South India and interacted with a couple unique individual dancers. She started training and specializing in latin and ballroom in year 2000 and started performing salsa, jive and rumba performances.

Her first set of solo's was an experiment with talented musicians from Chennai city who supported her with live performances, which was a hit as it was a 40 minute live solo dancing with live music. She then was chosen among 75 dancers in the city to part-take in a choreographic lab which was a training involving contemporary dance, digital technology with dance and music which was held by Attakalari in association with the British Council, Bangalore, India. This project was a global collaboration with 40 international dancers, artists, technicians and instructors.

After her training she then joined an American dancer, Wendy Jehlen along with 13 musicians and 5 dancers, eclectic mix of Japanese, American , Italian, Rajasthani, Ranchi, Keralite and South Indian dancers and musicians for a 6 month tour in India involving a contemporary piece called 'The Crane'.

She then joined noted contemporary dancer Padmini Chettur in her production called "Paper Doll" which was a 2 yr production which went on tour in Europe, i.e. Netherlands, Germany, Brussels & Rome and also in Singapore. It was during her exposure with Padmini's work did she discover her true inner self and decided that her own inner journey of expressing her knowledge of dance has just begun.

Currently, she is an expert in juxtaposing Latin styles with contact improvisations and is currently working on 2 projects work-in-progress over the last 2 yrs called Fluid Glue and Latin freedom.

Her journey still continues…